Nourishing a Baby’s Skin

A baby when born is very delicate and gentle. The environment outside the womb is new to them. Add to that their delicate skin which is usually very sensitive in most babies. When born, babies have thin skin so special care is necessary for nourishing and taking care of their skin.

Luckily, skin care essentials for babies are simple to follow and implement, where the key mantra is ‘less is more’. Continue reading “Nourishing a Baby’s Skin”

Is your Child Allergic To Gluten? How to Know

Gluten has become a more widely discussed topic in recent years. The line between perceived and actual gluten intolerance has grown ever so blurry. People are more aware of their health, and while this is a good thing, it sometimes leads to an exaggeration- such as with the growing population of people with poor gluten tolerance. This is not to say that there is no allergy to gluten. Continue reading “Is your Child Allergic To Gluten? How to Know”

How to Play With a Toddler

As parents or adults we might view play as just plain ‘playing’ as far as toddlers are concerned. But, for toddlers, playtime is a serious ‘work’ where they are picking up and honing a lot of new skills, developing creativity and imagination too. It could be something as simple as tugging onto a truck or stacking blocks on top of each other but any kind of play is special. Play time can be made even more special by spending quality time with your little munchkins and helping them learn and explore via activities.

Following suggestions will guide you to make playtime more special and meaningful. Continue reading “How to Play With a Toddler”

Caring For Your Toddler’s Nails

Good nail hygiene is an important part in rearing your toddler. Despite having tiny adorable fingers, the nails on them do grow fast, and can easily scratch. There is also the risk of infection that they introduce as fingernails, which are known to hide dirt. Caring for your toddler’s nails is an easy part of parenting, and one that is easy to learn for those who have had their first child. Continue reading “Caring For Your Toddler’s Nails”

Managing Vomiting In Kids

Vomiting is a normal occurrence in children, and it often accompanies mild illnesses that might be related to viruses. While vomiting does pass without any intervention, much like it does in adults, it is important to know when an intervention is required. There are antiemetic and antinausea medication that can be taken to alleviate the symptom, but you should not reach for them with the first episode. Continue reading “Managing Vomiting In Kids”